Falling Ice Cream~ A great design by moi!

I made this nice drawing on Affinity Designer. It's Amaaazing! I love it a lot. I can't say it was my first, but it certainly is Mama's precious little girl... in that kind of sense. I love it and I hope you guys will too!

July Wallpaper- 2018

Yep,  I made wallpapers. I didn't want to go with the whole 4th of July because, I mean, IT'S SUMMER!!! Anyways, I'll be converting the format that I have right now. I only have the SE and Surface Pro (2017) wallpapers, but if anyone wants em, just ask! Apple  iPhone SE Surface Surface Pro (2017) … Continue reading July Wallpaper- 2018

  Yeah... different and more dramatic. I thought this during a car ride, so I thought "Why not? It's early, I'm loopy, so let's do it!" Am I an ideal son? I don't know anymore. How could I explain what…I'm feeling? "I-I can't tell them…" the words come mumbled, under my breath. "Sir?" I look … Continue reading